Solo female traveller

For me, travelling solo as a woman is a great experience. 

As a woman, in the past only a girl, travelling alone I often felt like people want to take care of me more or protect me more on my journey. They treat me as their daughter, their sister. In many countries it’s still not usual for women, especially young women, to be alone and travel on their own. So in many countries that I go to they always make sure that I’m good.

They make a special extra effort and I can see that. It’s not just about hospitality, it’s really about caring and on some level admiration for me being brave enough to travel like that around without a man or other company. People take me in as part of the family. That happened in Delhi and Egypt and Cuba and many more places.

They go an extra mile, do more for me as for their regular guests. My hosts make sure I’m really not hungry when I go out to experience the world,  they give two extra blankets at night so am not cold (even with 30° outside), order a taxi for me and wait that it comes to make sure it’s a decent person who picks me up, cook an extra meal for free just because they want to spend more time with me chatting, ensure the internet is working properly so I can call my family and in that time their family isn’t allowed to use internet. They also come and meet me at the bus station even if I said I can find the house, we keep in touch and Skype with some hosts even after I have left.

It touches my heart and I’m grateful for all these people, ESPECIALLY women that make sure I’m safe and happy. It has been an incredible experience so far travelling as a woman alone. Of course, not always easy. It’s often tiring but I feel good with these women that host me and give me power/energy/safe space to go on and seize the day every morning again and again.

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