Initially, this blog was meant for my family in order not to write all of them separately about what I’m doing each weekend but just collect all in one place. However, I’m happy with sharing with you my past and future experiences.

I have spent for a while in 2010/11 living, travelling, volunteering and working in India. I was writing my first blog about it with many useful tips and I will try to upload that blog in the current one.

Indian wedding                                        India Vrindavan1. Where did I live:

1987-2008: Slovenia

2007-2009: Berlin

2010/2011: India, Vrindavan

2012: Brussels

2013/2014: Vienna

2014- ongoing: Zurich


2. The highlights of my travelling experiences:

Trieste, Italy 🙂 I lived close to it so was there often

New York, US 3x- representing WAGGGS at the UN

Happy Valley Goose Bay and Toronto, Canada

Colombo and surrounding, Sri Lanka

Kathmandu and surrounding, Nepal

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic <3

Most of the European countries

Khao Lak, Thailand

Baku, Azerbaijan

Istanbul, Turkey


New York Singapore Istanbul

3. The highlights of my future plans in 2018:

January: Manchester, Warsaw

February: Dominican Republic, Munich

March: Amersfoort, Amsterdam

April: Brussels, few Polish cities

May/June: Palermo, Catania

July: Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Zeewolde

September: Romania, Ukraine, San Francisco

October: Egypt

October/November: Skopje


I’m often travelling around Switzerland and am in Slovenia visiting family. My plans can change daily and if I see any cheap tickets I just buy them and go to new places.

I’m (still) working full time thus can invest limited time to tell you about my experiences of the world. The web page will be build up slowly and I hope you will like it.

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  1. hi im very happy to see your profile, you have almost visited all the countries in the world. i have a wish to travel across the world like you.

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