Nature of the Dominican Republic- Anamuya


Apart from gorgeous beaches, the Dominican Republic has amazing nature and landscape- from the sea to the mountains and to the lakes and desert.

I’m not a type of person that can just lie on the beach for two weeks. Experiencing the nature and go around the Dominican Republic was a must. Even after my third time here, I feel like I didn’t see much of it yet. The country has a lot to offer away from all-inclusive resorts.

I have again spent some time in Punta Cana (PC) as I like a lot the beaches here. However, they were covered with seaweed so had to find some other activities and how to spend my time (I already gave tips on what to do around PC in my previous blog). In November 2017, I had an unforgettable tour with Outback adventures, joining them on the countryside to different plantations (coffee, tobacco, coconut, sugar cane) and to have delicious food (Dominican Fried Chicken 😊). Because of the good memories of that adventure I decided to do another one with them- hiking/walking tour. I love hiking so this gave me the perfect opportunity to get to know places around Punta Cana even more.


Due to low season in end June, many tours you get can be private for the price of a group one. It was the same on my hike, we were in two and two guides. The hike was spectacular and hard just enough to still be able to walk in the tropical heat and humidity.


Outback adventures took us to Anamuya. Anamuya valley is one hour drive from PC. This part close to PC is paradise with lush green forests and ecologically farmed plantations, fresh springs, and streams. Once you reach the top of the hills you will have a fantastic view all the way to the Atlantic Ocean.


There is a wealth of bird and wildlife too: from iguanas and lizards, from hummingbirds to hawks and vultures, that just invite you to stop and enjoy some bird watching along the way.

Anamuya Anamuya Anamuya Pineapple


























A huge variety of fruit trees and natural herbs can be found here. I really enjoyed the tour because I saw so many new animals and plants I never saw before. In general, the tour guide should provide you with some more details about all the plants and protect you from the ones that are poisonous. Somehow, I still managed to touch something and ended up with a few rashes on my back. Fortunately, nothing that a bit of antihistamine (antiallergy pills) couldn’t solve. I guess I’m just too curious and I like to touch everything so these things happen. It just adds extra adventure on the hike 😊


Photo credit: Moises de Moya.

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