Hrana v Dominikanski Republiki~Food in Dominican Republic

Morate biti vsaj malo pustolovski in poskusiti različne jedi. Seveda priporočam predvsem vse morske zadeve in sadje. Kljub temu, da je to karibska država in sem mislila, da bo hrana zelo lahka zaradi vročine, temu ni bilo tako. Imajo vse vrste hrane. V primeru, da ne želite preizkušati lokalno hrano imajo tudi vse druge mednarodne jedi. 

Piña Colada
I usually wouldn’t advertise alcohol but this time I need to make an exception. The Piña Colada here is just out of this world. Is the best thing I have ever drank connected with alcohol. What makes it so good is fresh and local ingredients. Fresh pineapple and coconut milk with local rum! The view gives it an extra deliciousness.
Piña Colada
Soups (Juhe)
If you are a soup fan like me you can find a variety of soup options around. I tried a few and will just tell you about those. Even in such a warm climate a nice soup feels good.  Eating a soup will replenish the nutrients lost from sweating during the hottest days. Also when you eat hot food, your body’s receptors notice. They relay the hotness to the brain, and your brain starts to cool you down. Of course the body’s “cooling system” may make you sweat as you eat, but by the time you’re finished, you’ll be cool.
Boba– vegetable soup
Fish soup– there can be many version of it. I had the one on the photo with extra prawns and rice in it.
 Soup fish
Sancocho– this is a stew with 7 types of meat in it, accompanied by some rice on the side. Delicious and a must try!

Plantains are a great alternative to potatoes and tostones are one way of making it. They are used as a crispy side dish or just a finger food with some sauce.

This is the fancy looking dish on my featured image. Usually it is not so decorative but depends on where you go to eat and the way the restaurant prepares it. Mofongo is basically mashed plantains accompanied with either vegetables, meat, seafood or similar.
Dominican Fried Chicken (DFC)
They like to joke that they have their own version of fried chicken called DFC. You will find small restaurants with chicken, Pica Pollo, everywhere. They eat a lot if it. It is fast and cheap – take it with some tostones. Yummy.
Fried chicken
Mexican food (Mehiška hrana)

While this is not really appropriate under the title DR food, I’m still recommending to have it. Mexico is definitely closer here then to Europe so food is actually really good. They know how to make it in the right way and not in some European version.

Fruits (sadje)
Fruits are so fresh and with a lot of taste! You have to try it all: avocado, papaya, bananas, coconut, guava, guanabana (custard apple),… Citruses and apples usually do not grow in DR so are imported. The fruits you will get in the supermarket depend on the season so I probably missed quite a few goodies.
Sugar cane (sladkorni trs)

If you look out of the window of the aeroplane or when on a bus, you’ll see the immense fields of sugar cane. This monoculture has unfortunately caused a lot of damage. Complete jungles were destroyed for the plantations and now they have a problem with deforestation.

The vendors of Caña and Auga de Caña usually ride around the streets on tricycles carrying what look like large sticks. These sticks are sugar cane in its natural state. On the cart is a grinder / squeezer where the vendor can express the juice from the cane. A welcomed refreshment. I loved eating this. You just chew on the stick until all the juice is out and then spit the pulp out.

Coffee (kava)

Coffee is a very important part of Dominican culture. It is a wonderfully rich-flavored and dark roasted. Most of them have their coffee black in a small cup with lots of sugar. About 90% of the coffee produced in Dominican Republic is organic and environmentally friendly because most growers do not use chemical pesticides or fertilisers in the growing process.

Coffee beans (not roasted)

In general I found that most of the food is fried. Of course they eat a lot of rice and beans but as described above there is so much more in their cuisine. A lot of it I didn’t had a chance to taste yet so it’s not in my blog. I took the recipes for the post from a web site dedicated just to DR cooking so if you want to try anything at home go to

Is it safe to eat street food? Personally, I always avoid street food wherever I travel. I am just extra careful. I did however, brake the rule this time because a local showed me some good places to eat. All was OK, the food was amazing but you never know. It really depends on you and your stomach.

If you are looking for recommendation on specific restaurants in Punta Cana, Santo Domingo or Higuey please write to me and I will forward you my experiences on that. I as well checked in a few on my Facebook page.

Druge jedi (various): 
Okusen rak s tostones
Pohana riba
Pomfrit z mletim mesom
Sok Guave
Morski sadeži v vrečki
Kuhanje kokosa

Buen provecho!

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