The public transport in Switzerland is extremely expensive and extremely good. You can get practically anywhere with the train, tram, boat, bus or funicular/cable car.

The best app to use and check your schedule is from the Swiss Federal Railways (known as SBB in German, CFF in French, and FFS in Italian). You can also just use Google maps (I often prefer that one as it gives better options). You can’t be buy tickets on Swiss trains so make sure to purchase them before boarding. Fines for travelling without a ticket are steep.

Even though the prices for the public transport, especially if you are a tourist, might be high there are a few ways to bring them down. There are many options for tickets but I will just advise on a few for short term visits in Switzerland. For more information you can always contact me or SBB web page. All the trains, trams, boats, busses or funicular/cable carts are more or less connected in one system. Because of that is make it easier to catch connections and get info in one place.

  1. Single-fare tickets: Purchase your ticket at ticket counters, machines, online, by mobile app. Most stations have touch screen ticket machines operating in several languages. Most, but not all, machines accept cash and credit cards, so check first.
  2. Half-Fare travel card: One time payment of 185 CHF, valid for 1 year, non transferable to other people.  This is just a card that enables you to have all travel tickets thereafter for 50% less.
  3. 1 Day pass: Day passes enables unlimited travel on the entire Swiss transport network and can be bought from SBB/CFF/FFS or from local communes at varying rates. To be able to benefit from a 1-day travel pass, you need to be in possession of a Half-Fare travel card.
  4. Track 7: Track 7 is an additional card to the Half-Fare travel card and costing just 129 CHF a year. It entitles passengers up to the age of 25 to take any journey in 2nd class from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m.
  5. Supersaver tickets: Great tickets to use- these are 50% cheaper on times and trains that are not usually crowded. Each time you make a timetable inquiry in the SBB app supersaver tickets display automatically. The earlier you check the more supersaver tickets are available. The supersaver ticket is only valid for the selected date of travel and the selected train connection meaning, you can’t take a different train with the ticket.
  6. Special tickets for guides and scouts to travel from the airports/border stations to either Adelboden or Kandersteg.
Swiss train SBB
Clean and good looking train
Using taxis

Taxis in Switzerland are as well expensive- like everything else basically. The initial charge is on average CHF 6.50 plus CHF 3.50 per kilometer. Tipping is not obligatory. Taxis are available at public taxi stands but are difficult to hail in the streets. Uber is operating in Switzerland and is a cheaper alternative to usual taxi even though Uber is still controversial here.

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